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Jennifer Lawrence has given us some really good nudes. Other than that, she’s one silly broad. Her acting? It’s acting. Not some rarified talent. There’s no shortage of folks who can act. Kind of bottom-of-the-barrel of artistic ability. Anyway, this movie looks good. Ben Foster is cool. I like him and his characters (again, acting in and of itself is a meh talent)..

This movie is a let down sorry


Oh. It's one of those movies. * changes channel *

LAST OF US without zombies... oh yes

This movie was boring crap. Tomatometer rated 100% wow they have bad taste in movies

It was boring

Did anybody got the word gone in their notification?


This is white America. Sickening.


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The movie has got a very good story and insight,and if you don't get the point which is somehow deep and difficult to get,you will not like how the movie is going and how it ends , but when you understand it and the loop of events,you will enjoy and like how it's made and somehow find it strongly written and strongly performed..

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Ok if you've ever raced a car it's dangerous enough I know 1st hand. Boat racing though... Crazier try to stop a boat drive a boat turn a boat and you know.

They’d be fine homeless on the street though wouldn’t they 🙄

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Trying to even find a video about the explanation of this movie or meaning or even a sense of what the point was and can only find trailers listed in with videos of why NASA never went back to the moon so what was the point and why of this movie like is their a lesson a cliffhanger or what bc at this point I think my life would make a better movie by far at least it would be a tear jerker n have a point. This movie was extremely flat. Watch Captain Fantastic instead. Moon left the chat

Why bother watching the film after the trailer gives you the whole story! Ridiculous.

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1DERFUL MOVIE , great acting , beautiful filming , soundtrack perfect match , makesyouthinkmore dialogue. i gave it a 10 star on IMDB.


This reminds me a bit of the movie, Captain Fantastic. Too bad the govt. can't mind their own business and let us live free from societal bondage if we so choose..

Movie Online don't give go kart buy online Please stop putting Jennifer Lawrence on this pedestal! This movie is really amzing.. Its shows that life is hard for others like homeless people comapring to unhomeless people. It also tell us that we should be grateful for what we have. From this movie i'ved learned that we should be kind and appreciate to the things that we have. Apart form that in the movie in my opinion the man also should stay and make a living with that beacuse he had strength energy and also both can survive in that small place. The people were also kind. They both can live happily they shouldn't get sperated. Just my thoughts.

pokemon go plus buy online wow!!!!! Devastated by his daughter's death in a terrible accident, Ben becomes convinced that he can bring her back through a recurring dream. But is it just a dream? Or is Ben losing his mind? In terms of perfomances 'Don't Go' is actually pretty good especially Stephen Dorff did a very good job as a whole but unfortunately the end result is rather hollow and even silly at times without having enough power to say the least or anything. In my opinion it's not one of 2018's worst films? But it could have been so much better in the end cause the actors do try their best in the end..


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Great movie, great acting! Really touched my heart. I appreciate all that have served our country and made the sacrifices for my freedoms. Breaks my heart to know that some of our soldiers have struggles like this. Superb acting, deserves Emmy!.

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  • 1000 / 1000